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Get started with SYCGeeks and optimize your website in 2022

Let's talk about the best way to make a website. The methodologies that we stand behind here at SYCGeeks include: writing great content, creating bot-friendly HTML, and creating fast websites.

You have a business, and you want to create a website. The main reason behind feeling the need to have an online advertising medium is because of changing times. Many people own more than a single computer, with some addicted to playing games or catching up on the news on the latest mobile phones. That said, browsing the internet and staying connected on social media platforms is starting to become commonplace, especially when making plans with friends & family. The internet is a vast pool of information. Unsurprisingly, people gather information from online sources, especially when making business decisions.

Write great content

A great website is enjoyable to browse. Similarly to a good book, a well-built website with great content is appealing irrespective of the physical appearance of the website. Content that is enjoyable to read, well laid out, and original should be able to gain an online audience quite swiftly.

Search Engine Optimization 101

When writing an article on the web, picking the right keywords to convey your message benefits you significantly in terms of getting found. For example, this article is about creating the ideal website in 2022. Keywords are used generously in the title, heading, and content. When a search engine giant like Google indexes these keywords, people searching for information on the web will have a higher chance of reading this article.

Google’s SEO Algorithm is Complex

Google uses many metrics when deciding which websites are reputable and worthy of being displayed on the first page for a given keyword. Here are the key factors that help determine the results returned for a search on Google.

  • Meaning of your query
  • Relevance of content
  • Quality of content
  • Usability of webpages
  • Context and setting

Make Your Content and HTML Bot-friendly

Organized content that adheres to best practices and google’s algorithm has a higher chance of being indexed and displayed on search results. Developers use semantic HTML elements when building websites that are meaningful to the browser and search engines.

Create Fast Websites

Websites need to be fast. It needs to load quickly so mobile users can fetch your content quickly and seamlessly. Performing websites that render soon in a browser receive more traffic and have better conversion rates. It directly influences repeat business and searches engine rankings. The site’s server, page filesize, and image compression are a few factors that influence a webpage’s loading speed. Here are some page-speed statistics:

  • 1 in 4 shoppers would abandon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load.
  • 46% of users don’t revisit poorly performing websites.
  • 64% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with their site visit will not return.
  • 1-second delay reduces customer satisfaction by 16%.

Next Steps

Now you’re ready to put your content on a webpage to share with the online world. The simplest method would be to host a static website. A static website is an acceptable way to host content due to its tendency to load quickly on browsers. Another method would be to use a website builder. Many website builders offer plugins that add functionality to your website. The downside would be the extra boilerplate, which tends to slow down websites. Hosting your content on a static website is also not recommended, as you may run into problems building a whole page, including navigation, headers, and footers, each time a new article is ready for publishing. Many solutions exist, but the correct response will help your business gain the notoriety it deserves.