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Why website builders just don't work

When businesses are neck and neck, investing in a team of experienced developers and designers can help your business stand out amongst the competition.

An optimized Website will help your business stand out

When Google reviews business profiles of the same caliber, the one with the more optimized website is often ranked higher.

A poorly optimized website is a book with missing covers, missing pages, and written backward.

Website builders have their flaws

Unfortunately, when businesses should build a website tailored to their specific needs, an alarmingly large number rely on website builders simply for their practicality and ease of use. However, something that is practical doesn’t mean it’s effective; in this case, it is the polar opposite. An application built with a website builder is often vulnerable to bugs and malicious attacks. Sometimes these attacks can be intrusive and can be detected, but many hacks flourish silently and go unnoticed.

Search Engine Optimization is negatively affected when using website builders

Themes fail to actualize the search engine potential of brands. Too many WordPress websites built with pre-built themes and templates often omit vital search engine efforts such: as missing headings and meta information and misusing HTML semantic tags.

Security Flaws that arise from using website builders

WordPress installations are vulnerable to bugs and security attacks. Although WordPress offers rich features by default, these included features and plug-ins can leave your application susceptible to security flaws. Some issues that may arise from using an outdated version of WordPress or unknown plug-ins include: getting locked out of accounts, exposing sensitive customer information, and even hacking key components that can render an application useless.

Using the default values is a security risk

One of the flaws behind using website builders is the default settings. A bare WordPress installation using the default settings is dangerous. Some vulnerable keys include the admin username and password, database credentials, and other security keys. Default settings for most website builders are publicly available online. Using the default settings for a website builder can leave the application vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Beautiful but slow website builders

All website builders ship with code that is not necessarily essential for every situation. A website can look beautiful on the outside but poorly configured within. At times, web designers would decide on a heading for its aesthetic beauty without considering the impact on search engine optimization.

Unfruitful customizations

Customizing a WordPress website can be difficult. Not only does it need to be rid of the beforementioned “unnecessary code,” but adding elements to a page can affect the entire look of a website without a straightforward solution.


WordPress is not the best medium for web development due to its performance issues and limitations. Especially, drag-and-drop website builders such as Wix or Weebly fall victim to common web development pitfalls. When businesses are neck and neck, investing in a team of experienced developers and designers can help your business stand out amongst the competition.